Together we can make a difference!

Kiting-for-kids is a group of avid kite boarders that have a love for the sport and a desire to make a difference. We raise funds through Kite events that go directly to the Children's Miracle Network and BC Children's Hospital. It's a win win! We do something we love and get to make a difference at the same time. We invite you to become a kitingforkids member and explore ways you to can make a difference.


Kitingforkids 2017 is sure to reach new heights.

While the team is extremely thankful for the success of the last two Georgia Strait crossings...The Kitingforkids team enduring a grueling 4 plus hour return crossing of the Georgia Strait by kiteboarding their way thru extreme conditions lead the team to review some safety protocols and event details.  The crossing of the Georgia Strait is always something that the team wanted to accomplish,  with that accomplished and the considerable interest from the kiteboarding community to get involved further the Kitingforkids organization recognizes a need to shift to a more suitable environment for safety and community involvement. 


ENTER PORT ALBERNI:   "The Kitingforkids event for the summer of 2017 is sure to be a success with the team choosing the Port Alberni Canal as the next fundraising playground" says Ken Droog.  he adds  " We are very excited about the shift to the Canal for the next even as it will provide a more contained and safer environment for the kiters."  the Alberni Canal is well known to all wind enthusiasts and we are excited to announce this venue for the fundraising 2017 event.  We are excited to hold the event in the canal because it also offers great waterfront venues for additional events to take place and for the community to come out and enjoy spectating as the daredevil kiters jump to new heights and demonstrate their tricks as they  put on a show for the crowd on shore.  

Droog adds " While we are very proud to have raised over $20,000 to date with the two crossings of  the Georgia Strait we realize we are out of sight for hours on end and the feedback we received from supporters is they want to see what happens on the water."   "We are in discussion with some of the great community leaders in the Alberni Valley and they have really grabbed on to this fundraising event and recognize it is an opportunity to showcase not only Vancouver Island but the Alberni Valley, Their waterfront and the community mindedness of all Port Albernians. 


Stay tuned as we sort the details out.